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I should delete a collection, - but I can't?


I have read this post, but it does not help me Can't delete collection as it's used in bindings

The template for this collection is empty. So why can’t I delete it?

You use this collection in some place. This is “safe step” (Good step) - Avoid deleting a list you’re using. This is not related to the template page (Empty -or- Not).

Search for collections list with this binding. Or if this is reference fieild you should also “remove” this feild from another collection (collection of countries and collection of hotels --> If hotels use countries no way to delete countries).

I can’ find it?
I don’t use it anywhere? I have look at all my pages, - I have nothing with this collection I try to delete :frowning_face:

Add read-only link + The name of the unwanted collection.

Sorry, I am a new beginner with Webflow!

I can’t find out how to do this?
Is it OK that I made a new collection (No.2 of name and (e.g. “Collection2”) and then let the other one “Collection1” be there whith out using it?