How delete collections

I can’t remove collections (that I don’t need…) from my website
Is it possibile to have some advices?

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

I’ve did!!!
I don’t need anymore any help



Hi @ElenaSchisa!

Please, share the solution with us. :slight_smile:

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  1. Delete all you have in the collections and the collection page Template

  2. than make a full version save of the site,
    by pressing cmd+shift+s in Mac or ctrl-shift-s in Windows.

  3. now you can be able to delete the collections


and the Collection Page template

I wish to explain well… My english is not so great!
good luck and let me know if I can tell you more.



Can you explain a bit better how you deleted your collection page templates? You are one of the only people on here who has been able to do it successfully.

Hi @Changa_Masomakali, the process to delete the collections may differ from site to site, depending on which bindings are still active.

The basic steps are:

  1. Remove all dynamic lists bound to the collection on any page on the site, including dynamic templates
  2. Remove any dynamic lists bound to the collection that are being used in Symbols
  3. Delete all elements on the dynamic template page for the collection, except for the body element which cannot be deleted. Also remove any style on the body if it exists in the dynamic template page
  4. Delete all items from the CMS collection

Now do a full version save, by pressing cmd+shift+s in Mac or ctrl-shift-s in Windows and delete the collection

Sometimes deleting the collections or cms fields can be tricky, but help is available by sending a mail to or you can also PM me the info about which collections you want removed, and the link to the site having the collection.

Thanks in advance!

Hi dave, I tried to follow your tuto but can’t remove the dynamic content. The data was automaticaly generated by webflow to test. I don’t use this content in a page on my website.

I only want to keep the “Poptribe blog post list” (CF IMAGE)

Could you help me ?

Best regards

This article has the clearest answer. To delete the collection use the connections manager to find out what the collection is bound to and remove those connections. Then you can delete the collection. Read here how:

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