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Hey Guys!

I’m really new to Webflow. I got a question.
I have a CMS collection, and on one of my pages, I have a collection list. I made it so that the content is inside of a link block, that way when you click it it’ll bring you to that collection. However, I have a minor design issue: I don’t want the link to be blue or have an underline. Normally I would double-click to edit the text and a bit of the formatting, but since it’s grabbing the text from the CMS content, double-clicking does nothing but bring up the ‘Quick Settings’ thing. Does anyone have a solution to this?

I’m really excited to be using Webflow! You can also find me at the Glide Apps forum by this same username.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @Pablo_books,
Welcome to webflow to answer your question do this.

Please click on the solution mark if you’ve achieved what you wanted to be done.

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