Blue text on Page Link Block

Hi Guys!

My first post and not the only one unfortunately.

I’m having an issue since I made the Link Blocks of my Nav Bar actual clickable links.
So I have these two links that since they are linked to another page of the website once a person enter that website page the text remain blue. (The Nav Bar was made a Symbol if that helps)

The problem of course is that I am not able to see in the setting where this blue comes from.
Is it maybe a preview thing or am I missing something?

As you’ll see in the screenshot for some reason theHome Button is blue but it should just be White

Thanks a lot

Here is my site Read-Only:

That is the default style of links. To change it you need to style All Links. More info can be found with a search in the University.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply.

I thought that by adding my own Style the All Links would be overridden.
I also went to check the All Links style but on the Text Color there’s a pink crossed line saying that it was indeed overridden

Maybe this screenshot can clarify better. Now it’s showing my st

yling on that Link

Thanks a lot