Related Content Gallery


I am building a portfolio for a client, and this is my first time using Webflow. I am not sure if this is a Layout or Interactions question so I will put it here in hopes that I will be redirected to right place.

The problem -

Very similar to:

I want to build a component that displays 1) the current video project with its project description and 2) a slider of related projects beneath it.
(Not sure what this component is called. I name it Related Content Gallery)

The interaction would be:

  • Clicking on a related project should swap out the current project with the newly clicked project and its description.
  • This should be done without refreshing or redirecting to a new page. This is a single page site.

My question is: can this be done without coding? If so, can there be a tutorial on how to create this?

Here is my site Read-Only: This portfolio is for my client so I cannot share my link.