Project slider page help

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Hey guys, so I am creating a few pages with different design options for a client. I created this page that could potentially show their projects. Its a kind of full screen slider page where the user can ‘flick’ through the projects from my client that are on stacked slides.

Page in question: ID_Work01
Live Page:

I just feel like I might be doing this some long winded overcomplicated way. I am currently using interactions and having to link every single Link Block (used to ‘scroll’ between slides) to the next ‘Slide’ and its relevant elements for the animations. I feel like incremental transforms would make this easier to accomplish?

Also doing it this way makes it a LOT of effort every time the client would want to add a new slide (im not trying to get this working with CMS necessarily just yet). And id like to be able to add the new Slides to the TOP of the stack without having to go into each subsequent slide and change all the transforms and interactions to fit it in.

I have a few questions hopefully you can help with:

  1. is there an easier way to achieve what I have already done?
  2. how would I change it to make it simpler to add slides to the top of the stack? Ideally id want to be able to drag in a ‘Slide’ symbol above the others in the hierarchy and have it work without too much effort.
  3. Id like the user to be able to use horizontal scroll on devices with trackpads and touchscreens to ‘swipe’ between the slides. Can this be implemented?
  4. id also want the slides to scroll horizontally when the user scrolls up and down (more for people using a mouse). possible?

Thanks for your time guys. Hope you can help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK