Double Navbar visibility issue

So, I tried to create a “double Navbar”, containing a “Nav-menu-main” and a “Nav-menu-sec”. The main section displays the type of products for sale, the secondary section displays other information like contact and location info.

This single “Navbar component” includes two “Nav menus” or at least that’s what I’m trying to achieve.

These two menu’s should both be displayed in the desktop view, once the customer goes to tablet or phone view, both menu’s should be included in a single drop down hamburger.

So while trying to provide an example, something funny happened. The navbar was still in place but both menu’s disappeared, even though they were still in the navigator section.

Shared link: Tr-out e-commerce navbar

Screenshots of what happened:

Img of what I’m trying to achieve, but with both menu’s disappeared…

Img of what happened while switching preview modes

Would be great if someone could come up with an idea of how to overcome this. Having a double hamburger menu on both the left and right of the phone view wouldn’t be a solution.

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