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Referral program integration with webflow?

Has anyone implemented a referral program for a site and integrated with webflow? If so, what service did you use? I was looking at referral candy and invite box.

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Hey there, you can use MemberSpace to create member login and payment functionality on Webflow along with an affiliate program for your members. If that’s what you’re looking for we integrate with, and

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thanks so much for the suggestions. this particular client has already custom built their member login and payment functionality however, i did come across memberspace last week and added it to my resource list for future clients :slight_smile:

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I created several referral campaigns on Webflow. I use to create the referral programs on my Webflow sites. I’ve also used referral candy before but they didn’t work too well with Webflow

Disclaimer: I’m also involved with the Refmonkey team and have joined as a team member

Hey @dapitts08 and @steven4354 !

I’m sure this message is coming to you a little late (:sweat_smile:) but in the next week or two we’ll be opening up our new app Affiliates & Referrals for Webflow shops for free beta! Do you want to be included? If so I’d love to hear what you think about the app.

Our goal was to make the most Webflow-friendly way to easily add Affiliate & Referral programs to your site. Happens to be the most affordable, too.

Standing by if you have any questions!