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External tools for referral mkt

Hi everyone,

Wanted to see if anyone has tried integrating referral marketing software into their webflow e commerce websites. I know of tools like and referral candy, but I’ve yet to see any examples of this forum of people integrating external tools to their sites. I feel like a lot of these integrations are necessary to run e comm websites at scale.


Hi Ruben, also has webflow integration for its referral tool

Hi @steven4354, thanks for the recommendation! I’ve already signed up for their trial.

Do you know any websites that are using it? I’d love to see it in action.

Hey @rmarcosb and @steven4354 !

This message might be coming to you a bit late! But in case you’re still looking for an easy solution or willing to give ours a try, we’re opening up our new app Affiliates & Referrals for Webflow shops for free beta! Do you want to be included? If so I’d love to hear what you think about the app.

Our goal was to make the most Webflow-friendly way to easily add Affiliate & Referral programs to your site. Happens to be the most affordable, too.

Standing by if you have any questions!