Webflow integration to a referral program/tool?

anyone in the webflow community using a referral dashboard with automatic cashout functionality and europe/german policies standard and low fees? (:

Thanks for any advice!

Hi @Jan_Martin

I don’t have first hand experience with this, but I have seen some Webflow sites (example) use Rewardful.

Here are some others I’ve seen mentioned in the forums:

Again, I’ve never used any of these myself. Just brain dumping what I’ve seen mentioned.

…and here was an interesting build I’ve bookmarked in the past where someone walks through building their own referral program on Webflow using Zapier + Airtable:

Hope that helps!

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@ChrisDrit you are awesome! you help me a lot with your information.
Refmonkey I already know but they have no real customer support, which is not very helpful to implement a new system. But the others I dont know and I´ll check them out.

thank you very much dude!