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Referencing multi-image field from one collection in another one

I have a CMS collection that has a multi-image field with some images. Now I need to create another CMS collection (that is actually the same collection but in a different language) and I would like to reference the multi-image field from the original collection on the new collection’s template page, instead of having to upload the same images to both collections and making sure they’re in the same order and what not.

From what I gather that is not currently possible?
Is there another efficient way of doing this?
I can’t have both languages on the same collection because there aren’t enough fields unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!

Correct. In the CMS/DB world, you can cross tables (reference collections) but not fields.

The logic here would be to create a language-independent “Image galleries” collection and reference this collection in the language-dependent collections.

yeah, most of my manual multilanguage sites have Business hosting to cope with collections and fields limitations.

Hi Vincent!
Thanks. Creating a third collection of the images and referencing them is a good idea. Still wouldn’t work with the multi-image field, right? I would have to upload each to a single image field(?)

I can only hope Webflow will implement a much needed multi language site translation feature in the future…

It will work with the multi.

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