Attributing form submissions to individual users

I’m working on a membership website where users can submit some info through a native Webflow form. I don’t want the users to be forced to include identifying info on this form - why should that be necessary, considering that they’re logged in?

I’m currently looking for a way to automatically add a “username” field to the submission form that matches the user’s. Any suggestions?

Some info that may be relevant:

  • I’m currently using Sygnal Attributes to show the user’s name on certain pages.
  • Form submissions will go to Airtable.

Thank you!

Webflow doesn’t have a username per-se, it uses the email as a permanent unique identifier.
However if you have a username custom field, or just want to use the Name field, you can do that.

SA5 can then automatically databind them to your form inputs however you like;

e.g. to databind the user’s name to an input, you can just add the attribute;

wfu-bind = $

For custom attributes, it depends on how you slug your custom attribute fields, but it works similarly.