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Reference info not showing on all Collection items in Blog Posts Template

The Author Section is only showing on some of the Blog Post collection items, but not all of them, even though the setup is the same in the blog posts template page. Any ideas why?

This is the part in question;

Showing up on CMS Items basic Blades, Finesse and Flame, and Poisonous Plants

Not showing up on About us, Cooking Outside

Side note - most of the copy and images are FPO atm

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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Thank you!!!

Hi @CampingGirl, thanks for the post. It looks like there is a second conditional visibility that is interfering with the collection filter, it is the conditional visibility on the author image:

I would remove that conditional visibility on the Author image, the image will not show if the filter condition is not met, so no need to use the same condition as the filter

I hope this helps

Thank you so much Dave! That fixed it. :slight_smile: haha I knew it was probably something simple and it’s been bothering me for weeks.

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