Embed Custom Component in CMS blog post

I am trying to figure out how I can insert a custom component that was made within the Webflow Designer into my blog post in the CMS. For example I have some custom buttons created, and want to place those within my blog post. I don’t see anywhere within the blog editor to pull from the component library.

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Webflow components are not something you can store in the CMS or embed directly into rich text elements.

However, Finsweet’s Powerful Rich Text allows you to reference components on page and will move them into your rich text content.

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Yea, it’s fairly straight forward. I do this all the time.

Use Powerful Rich Text - Add HTML and components to Webflow Rich Text Block for this.

I create a static page to design the components and then within the CMS Rich Text just add something like:


While /components is your static page and the my-cool-component is the attribute of that element (using Finsweet).

It works super well and I do it often :+1:

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Hi there, @ChrisDrit, how do you get it working within the CMS on a collection template page? I can get the component to appear on a static page but it just won’t show up on a collection page when the identifier is entered via the cms?? I’ve checked and double checked everything and as I say it works on static pages, just not the dynamic one. Any tips greatly appreciated

@ChrisDrit Eureka! there was a stray space in the attribute name throwing it off. please ignore, thank you!