Reduce unused CSS

Reduce unused rules from stylesheets and defer CSS not used for above-the-fold content to decrease bytes consumed by network activity.
This Issue showing in google page speed, How to Resolve this ?

Not something you will be able to overcome with Webflow hosting. If you export a site and host it yourself then you could.

I have a question.

When I exported a project from webflow, the js folder had a script.js file containing all animations. And it also includes some webflow editor’s codes that could not be useful with exported code. How to remove that unuseful javascript lines? These codes are handy when I host on webflow. But exported codes do not want that codes. So, how can I remove that after export or before export?

Thank you

@PraneethMadush - Webflow component functionality is dependent on the supplied JavaScript. What you can do is break that into multiple files (like underscores which is included) which helps a bit if you are on a webserver that supports HTTP2. Other than that you can deploy your own code instead if you wish. I have exported sites and dumped the JS altogether and handled the menu and other component functions with Alpine.js which is super lightweight and lets me ditch JQuery.

More often than not I just rebuild using other tools for performance reasons and maintainability.

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Thank you for the great explanation.