Reduce Unused Javascript. How i Solve this Problem?

I’m encountering problems with enhancing the speed of my website. The main issue is the presence of unused JavaScript, and I’m also struggling to convert my PNG images into the more efficient WebP format. Despite using Webflow’s compression tool, I’m unable to make this conversion.

Hi Noman,

There’s nothing you can really do about the unused JS issue; Webflow already has some optimizations in how it generates webflow.js but that one file contains everything you’d need on any page of your site. So if you have a slider on your homepage, every other page has that slider code, unused. The advantage though, is one download, and then it’s cached by the browser.

Make sure to minify your JS and CSS to reduce the download speeds.

For WEBP conversion, I usually deal with large sites so manual conversion is just not an realistic option for CMS content. A reverse proxy is the best way to have your images optimized and edge-cached for maximum performance, but it will add about $20/mo typically. I use cloudflare pro and some custom workers to build out those configurations.