Eliminate render-blocking resources webflow.css

I saw multiple posts but can’t found any authentic answer about google page speed Eliminate render blocking resources, is there anyone who tell me exact about this, THAT is possible or not ??
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Not possible to address this with Webflow unless you export your site and make tweaks in your hosting environment. I do wish Webflow would address its CSS / JS delivery.

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I appreciate @webdev, you mean export site and shift on another hosting right?

Yep. When you host the exported project, the CSS is broken into three files. You can also manipulate the JS build as well. Splitting off modules into separate files, which when using a server supporting HTTP/2 will allow the client to have multiple downloads at once.

I am obsessed with performance and don’t often rely on Webflow for hosting myself.

Of course if you are hosting it you can’t use WF form processing or the CMS. You might want to look at stacket.app which lets you keep your site on Webflow but auto generates a complete site you can host elsewhere with built in performance tweaks.

@webdev Thank You! :slight_smile:

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