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Hi guys ,
I have a website “” with good google ranking for my keywords. i re-did the site in webflow to become mobile friendly. i also changed some of the meta tags like title and description and i inserted the old site google analytical code and ID into the new files . how can i keep my ranking like before in short term. should i copy and paste the title and description from old files to each new file? We are a running business and more than 50% of business coming from internet and Winter is our busy time. should i wait for a slow season before lunching the new files and SEO. if I use my new SEO , how long it takes before we come up in the google ranking?

Hey @Atlas_Plating I recommend updating all of your 301 re-directs:

So if you go and do a google search for your site, you’ll see all the links that pop-up. Then you can take those links and point them to go to the appropriate pages on your new Webflow site. :slight_smile: The meta descriptions and such will take a little time to update. But this should help you keep all the SEO juice flowing strongly :slight_smile:

So the facts are…
You are at least 50% dependent on internet traffic.
And right now… is when you make most of your money.

Perhaps… look at it a different way…
A good time to change your working tire is while you are driving the car.

Does that make sense ?

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You should never change a tire while driving. Come to a complete stop first, apply parking brakes and switch off the engine.


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