Redirects collection page

I created new design for my company site and I have problem with a URL of a blog collection I created.
In the previous site, created years ago in different platform , the url of post blog was {domain}/{post-title} and now , because of the blog collection page , the URL is {domain}/blog-posts/{post-title}.

I don’t want to lose precious search engine ranking.
how can I change this collection page URL?

I tried to change it in 301 redirect
So far I tried:
/blog-posts/(.*) → /%1
with no success.

I’m assuming you’re using the same domain name, and that it’s been migrated to your new site?

If so, then your redirect is;
And you’ll probably need to create each of them individually, no wildcards since there is no identifying path part on your OLD PATH links.


Thank you! I will do it manually