Redirecting a subdomain

Hi, so I need to redirect a subdomain to an external page. For example:

should redirect to an external page.

The external page (not set up through webflow) is actually also a subdomain of

Thank you!

Webflow has redirect options for domains under Project Settings > Hosting:

If your domain is hosted somewhere else, they should have similar options.

Thanks. The subdomain is hosted with webflow. I just need to have it forwarded to an external page. But Webflow only allows me to redirect pages that begin with /

Any thoughts?

Hey @simmyd! Have you found a solution for this yet?
I would be really interested!


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Hey @simmyd Did you find a solution to this? I’m also struggling with the same issue.

Anyone hear of a resolution for this? I’m having the same issue.

So you have:

Which you want to redirect to:

Considering that your DNS records are not managed within Webflow, you need to set up this redirection directly with your DNS registrar (GoDaddy, etc).

Anyone solved it with CloudFlare?

Yes, this is what you want.

Yes, but how? Can’t figure out how to achieve with DNS or 301 redirects

Most of the posts here aren’t clear where the subdomain DNS records are pointing. If you have them configured to point to Webflow, then you should be able to use Webflow’s redirection to redirect them elsewhere.

In Webflow’s redirects table, it would look like this;

However I’m not sure why anyone would want to do this. In most [ not all ] modern DNS setups, URL redirection is built in as a capability, so it’s typically easier to handle subdomain redirection there.