Redirecting a subdomain

Hi, so I need to redirect a subdomain to an external page. For example:

should redirect to an external page.

The external page (not set up through webflow) is actually also a subdomain of

Thank you!

Webflow has redirect options for domains under Project Settings > Hosting:

If your domain is hosted somewhere else, they should have similar options.

Thanks. The subdomain is hosted with webflow. I just need to have it forwarded to an external page. But Webflow only allows me to redirect pages that begin with /

Any thoughts?

Hey @simmyd! Have you found a solution for this yet?
I would be really interested!


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Hey @simmyd Did you find a solution to this? I’m also struggling with the same issue.

Anyone hear of a resolution for this? I’m having the same issue.

So you have:

Which you want to redirect to:

Considering that your DNS records are not managed within Webflow, you need to set up this redirection directly with your DNS registrar (GoDaddy, etc).