Troubleshooting subdomain redirect

hey everyone,

looking to redirect a subdomain that doesn’t begin with “/” to another domain.

ie. >

been reading through forums to find an answer and haven’t found anything thats worked yet. Is the only solution to do something through the DNS records? if so whats the steps to take?

Thanks in advance

Hey @BrandonMancini

Let me know if I miss something.

Looks like your subdomain is currently just added to your Webflow project and forwarding to your default domain.

To send that subdomain to a different location all together I would use a domain forwarding service.

It looks like you are using GoDaddy. They provide a good service for this. Here is some info on that. Forward my GoDaddy domain | Domains - GoDaddy Help NZ

Just remove your support subdomain from your Webflow project and remove the CNAME record you have on that subdomain pointing to Webflow. Next follow the GoDaddy instructions for domain forwarding.

Let me know if that is what you are trying to accomplish.