Redirected link misses querystring parameters

Hi, we are redirecting a page from /test to /test-new in Webflow publishing options. However, we were using previously /test with utm tags to track incoming traffics from some referrals. Now, when the page is redirected, the return url doen’t contain the utms. Is there a way to fix this?

Here is what happens:
/test redirected to /test-new

On referral website we have:
when user clicks, it redirects to /test-new

What should happen: when user clicks:
it should redirect to /test-new?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=referral-website1**

It is not an option to manually redirect all links with querystring because there a lot of cases, and also ads using different utms.

Likely what you want is a wildcard redirect something like this;


You’ll need to do some experimentation because in some cases WF attempts to capture the params individually, which might require a different approach;


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Thanks, the first option works but have to add % before the ? in the old url: /test%?(.*)