Redirect user to another page after subscribing to email list


User arrives to a landing page, with an option to subscribe with email. (most likely I will use Mailchimp, but I am open for other suggestions).

Question: How can I redirect the user to another page once he/she subscribed? Basically, after the signup, I want to direct them to an upsell page.


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In Webflow the Redirect URL setting on Forms allows you to send the user somewhere after the form is submitted.

So the easiest way to accomplish your goal is;

  • Create your upsell page
  • Put that URL into the form redirect
  • Setup a Make automation ( ), which triggers on a Form Submission event, and passes your subscriber to your email newsletter provider of choice.


Thanks for the quick reply! And do I need to get into Webflow CMS to follow your suggestion?

Currently I am only doing visual things with webflow, and I don’t know the dynamic content / CMS part yet.

If learning CMS is part of this task…
…do you have any suggestion for a very clear, step-by-step CMS tutorial / course? Webflow’s own CMS course is very hard to follow, at least for me. I wish they would show things slowly, step-by-step, instead of joking around, which is very distracting.

Thanks in advance!

No, you don’t need to use the CMS.

You’re not alone, I’ve heard this from others as well.

It can certainly add to the confusion.

I’ve got a bunch of step-by-step tutorials that may (hopefully) help you.

Here’s a good one to start with:

Another walk through:

What’s fun about these approaches is the super power it gives your future self.

Learn it once, and reuse those learnings to solve the problems you haven’t yet hit.

…versus the common complaint I often hear - the quick hack that appeared easy at first, but forced your return in the hopes of someone else solving the next problem for you (or hiring someone).

It’s not for everyone :smiley: but maybe it helpful for you.

(Dig around on the blog, there’s a bunch more)

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Thanks ChrisDrit, I will go through these links!