Help! Access Page Only After Filling Up The Form

Currently I have a CMS web page containing a form which includes name, email and phone number fields. The process of how it should work would be in order to access the next CMS page (The page containing the video) the user should fill up that form and click on the “watch now” button.

All of the above-mentioned features are working fine however I realize that technically the user doesn’t necessarily have to sign up in order to access the video page. As long as they have that URL they can access it directly without signing up. I have thought of using the member’s feature to restrict the page’s access only to members, but I would prefer it to be a memberless site. Is there any possible way around this? Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

Site (Sign Up Form): [Masterclass]
Site (The Video): Mary Buffett Exclusive 2023 Interview
Preview Link: Webflow - Next Level

There are several ways to do that, it mostly depends on the level of “security” you want.

The easiest and least-secure way is to simply have the video on your page, hidden. Then on a successful form submit, you make it visible, and probably set a cookie to keep it visible on repeat visits from that device.

From there you can get more secure in various ways… obfuscate the video URL, store the URL on a server, etc.

hi memetican, thanks alot for the reply! would you mind going into specifics of having the video on the page, hidden. Then on a successful form submit, you make it visible, and setting a cookie to keep it visible on repeat visits from that device. An instruction on that would be of great help to me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Ong, there are a number of working parts to that and how you build and assemble them will depend a lot on your needs & site design UX goals.

The parts you’ll want to read up on in learning custom script to build this are;

  • Webflow / hiding elements
  • JS
    • hiding & showing elements ( or pop-ups, depending on your UI )
    • detecting form submission
    • validating form submission
    • setting cookies with exp date
    • getting cookies

Feel free to DM me if you need assistance designing & building this, I have a special package for dev assistance to Webflow designers.

Minus the repeat visits, the simplest approach is to put that video in the form submissions success message.

The second easiest approach, keeping in mind repeat visits, is to also (or only) add that to a password protected page (not memberships, just a password). On form submission (collect their email address) email them the password. Add it to the success message for instant viewing.

The next easiest approach is to create a CMS page with an unguessable slug. Something like and redirect the user to it on form submission. Also email them that link.

If you didn’t someone viewing your page source to find that url, stick it in a Make (Integromat) response, here’s a screencast walking through how to do that.

The issue missed here is no matter how you block the page with a video on it, most videos are publicly hosted, so anyone can find and view the video regardless.

You have to link to the video on a host somehow.

So you either need a service that offers protection for video files, or at the very least use a service like Vimeo that blocks by your websites domain (e.g. you can’t view the video unless the requested referrer is from your website).

The latter not being very “secure” protection, but good enough in most cases. The former is better. Here’s an overview of what Vimeo offers.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Michael Wells, will proceed to test them out

thanks alot Chris will take note of your mentioned points

Hi Michael Wells,

Based on your solution of setting conditional visibility for the video. In my case how would you go about doing it with the condition that after the “form” is filled up and redirected to the “video page” the video will then be visible?

For your information this is the script that I am running to redirect the “form” page to the “video page”


Hi Ong,

You wouldn’t use conditional visibility, you’d just hide it and then decide when showing it was appropriate. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with the script, changing the redirect after form post? That might work if the video is on a different page, but that’s not the scenario you described above.

Like I said, a few moving parts here, requiring a bit of design and dev work. If you want to do it yourself, your best approach is to spend some time learning each of the pieces you’ll need in my list above, and how to code and test them individually.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for the clarification

Hi Chris,

Regarding the password approach of sending the password to them through email. Would it be possible to send a different unique password each time to them through email to access the “video page”?

Thank You

Unfortunately, not with Webflow’s built in password protected pages. That’s a “one password use many times” approach that they set.

You’d have to move over to a full blow membership to solve that issue AFAIK (or find some 3rd party solution that solves this for you).

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