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Redirect to external site not working

I am trying to redirect an old URL to a new external website but it is adding the new website URL to the end of the old URL. Example:

I am trying to redirect “” to “” but when I go to “” in my browser, it redirects me to “”. It is just adding the redirect URL to the end of the old URL. Not sure what is going on here.

Hi @joshgood518,

Where are you adding your redirect permissions at?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

GoDaddy is what I use for domains and DNS management. It is not redirecting anywhere though.


Are you using GoDaddy to perform this redirect or the redirect section of your project’s hosting settings?

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

I’m trying to use the redirect section in my project through Webflow.

Using: “/domain” to “

Ok, @joshgood518,

The first field does not accept http or https data. You can only use the " /" for the index page or " /blog " etc for secondary pages and link those to an external source. If it is an old domain that you own and would like to redirect it to a new domain, you will need to do one of the following:

  1. Use GoDaddy 301/302 redirect conventions to perform this, or
  2. Add the old domain to your webflow project and then setup the redirect policy there.

Those are your two options in this case.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon