Redirecting website HTTPS:// issue

Hi How does everyone solve the HTTPS:// SSL certificate issue with redirecting?

I’ve redirected my old site to the new site on GoDadday. The old website was hosted with webflow, which comes with SSL. So now I’ve disconnected my old website, I’ve lost the SSL certificate.

However Google is still picking up the HTTPS:// URL. So that means even though I’ve done the redirect on Godaddy, it doesn’t really work because all the backlinks have HTTPS// URL in there so the redirect basically dosn’t work.

I bought a new SSL certificate for the old site but now I have no idea where to install it. Godaddy keeps telling I need to install on Webflow (my new site), but that doesn’t make sense at all. I’m so confused.

Please help if you’ve experienced the same thing and found a solution. Thank you.

If you’ve built your new site on GoDaddy (?), then GoDaddy is where you’d need the SSL cert for your domains. It sounds like you’re trying to setup multiple domains on the same site? Check GoDaddy’s docs for how to configure that.

If you have old domain and old URLs redirecting to new domain and new URLs, and you’re struggling to remap the old paths to the new ones, I build redirectors for some clients to solve that migration issue.