Redirect traffic from old domain not working

Hi everyone… newbie to webflow here.

We are trying to launch our site on webflow and running into an issue.

We originally had our marketing site and our app hosted on one server on AWS. Now, we are moving to webflow while keeping the login and signup page on the app (e.g. or /login)

But we have some users that have the saved and we want to redirect to point to because the root site is now on webflow and the user would need to go to the app . server to login.

I tried to use the 301 redirect in feature in webflow but it didn’t work, here’s what I had

Of course this didn’t work. I’m trying to figure out what to do next, any ideas?

The crazy part is that is redirected to

I wouldn’t be doing this redirect on the server via apache file, correct?

Hi @Mlatif,

What you are trying to do will not work in Webflow. As it is setup to work with the site itself not subdomains. To redirect subdomain traffic you must use the DNS properties on your Domain Name Register.

I added the redirects and it seems to be working

Here’s what I did (see image below). Now traffic coming from and /signup is being redirected to

Am I missing anything?

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Hi @Mlatif, the redirects look correct, there are basically two things here:

  1. The domains you are redirecting from should be pointed at Webflow and connected on the hosting tab

  2. The new url path for an external url needs the https://, which in the first example was missing.

Glad to hear the issue is solved, thanks for sharing the solution.

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