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Recognizes the letter "ñ"

I’m from Mexico.

How to configure my Webflow page to recognize paragraphs and headings in Spanish?

When I code in html I include in the head:

<meta charset = "utf-8" />

But here I do not know where to include it and how to configure the language.


Hi @Aldo_Pineda, hope you are doing well. One thing you can try, which should solve the problem, is to set your site Language locale, so that the browser knows what language to display when you are using special characters.

Go to Site Settings, then the Custom Code tab, and at bottom of page, set your Language to ‘MX’ as shown in the screenshot below:

Make sure to save your changes and republish. I hope this helps ! Cheers, Dave

Thanks, I solved it !! !!

I want to ask you another question?

Perhaps I export the codes and host elsewhere ?. For example, hosgator, etc. It’s just because I’m designing a website for a client and want to host it on Hosgator.


Hi @Aldo_Pineda, you can export your sites, with a Personal plan or higher ( see pricing at ). Here is instruction, how to export your site code. You can export and then upload to your own server or edit the files on your own after export. Once you export a site, you cannot re-import it, only export.

I hope that helps… cheers !

Thank you!

Now I have my personal subscription.

Congratulations I’m addicted to Webflow.


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Welcome to the community @Aldo_Pineda and Welcome to Webflow !!! We are stoked you are here :slight_smile: Feel free to share and/or ask questions :smile: Cheers, Dave