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Language locale in exported site

Hello, I’m having a problem with my site, since it’s in spanish, some special characters like “ñ” and accents
don’t show up correctly. This doesn’t happen to the site published via webflow see here, but does happen to
the exported site, uploaded to my server see here.

In the “custom code” tab, the language is set to “es”, also tried “spa”, and “en”.
I’ve tried changing every reference to the UFT-8 charset (to ISO-8859-1) inside index.html and .css files, with no luck.
Also tried forcing the charset and language locale “es” through the .htaccess on my server, I’m out of ideas, every suggestion is welcome.

Thanks for your time!

Hi! You may want to check your local settings because I don’t witness your issue, I see your ñ correct. And as a French working on 6 language webflow site, I use all kind of accents all the time and never had an issue with acents or unicode characters.

edit: made a mistake, I do witness the character issue on your server.

BTW, I love what’s on your site Ariel (: Following you on Behance now!

Vincent, thanks for appreciating my work!
About the language, it’s very odd, I’ve tride different computers (with different browsers and SOs), and even on my android phone it’s all wrong. May be some configuration in my server? Though never have this kind of issue before (I have uploaded several sites).
Do you see both links correct? This is the one on my server link <- even the site name appears wrong because it has an ñ.

Thanks again! Couldn’t find you on Behance :frowning:

Best regards!

Hi @Arielm84, @vincent, it is a strange thing. I have tested the exported site provided by @Arielm84, and on the exported server (apache with php), I get the result:

So it seems to be an issue with the server that @Arielm84 is using. My suggestion is to find out, what kind of hosting you are on, is it Linux based, Windows based? Is the server running apache or something else? I do see the font issues when pulling up the, but not on a third party external test server.

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One more thing it could be, is that when the original content was pasted in the site, there might have been some character formatting pasted as well, that your server is having a hard time to properly display. My suggestion would be to take the paragraph that is highlighted in my screenshot, and copy and paste that text from your Webflow site, to a plain Text editor. Then, go back to the Webflow site, and delete the original text, and copy and paste the text in the text editor to the text field in Webflow.

Sometimes when pasting in from programs such as word, or copying from PDF, or other programs, the copy process also picks up additional formatting from the original program. If you paste this text that way into the Webflow Text field, with additional formatting, it will also stick around and make some text look funny on the published site.

It has happened before.

I would check and test that also.

Cheers, Dave


I now have an habit of pasting everything using CMD+SHIFT+V

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Its a possibility, but I’m shure I’m copied everything to notepad first, and from notepad to webflow to eliminate formatting. Also the name of the site and the menu buttons (gráfico, industrial, impresión 3d) are typed directly in webflow and still have the issue.

I’ll contact the hosting company but I don’t know what to tell them. As I said before, I have uploaded several sites (not made with webflow) to that hosting and never have this kind of problem. So basically if they are running apache or something? the issue will persist?

What should I look for in another hosting service to be shure that my webflow based site will work?

Thanks Dave, I’ll try that, though it occurs in every text (even site name), not just that one… but nevermind, read below >>
Just uploaded into another host and the site works perfectly, so, I can confirm that it is not a webflow related problem. I’ve contacted my host to try and find the issue on their side. I don’t know why this has never happened before on any of my other sites.

Again, thanks for taking the time to make the video and all the support! It was really helpfull, at least to determine that the issue is not related to webflow.

Best regards!

Hi @Arielm84, thanks for your update. Well that was one thing to try, I am sorry to hear that was not the culprit. Ok, good to check with your hosting company, if you need any support from us, please let us know. :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave