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Detailed explanation on how to create a product-rental-site?

My client needs a site where each of their products can be rented for a specific day or more. However, they wouldn’t be able to automatically purchase it. Similar to airbnb, they would see the overall price, reserve it and wait for the company to accept their reservation.

If possible there would also be a messaging functionality, like airbnb to speak with the client about further expenses, other notes, etc. related to the product before the company accepts the reservation. The company can then send a more specific invoice based on what they’ve discussed through that messaging feature.

This is pretty complex, any thoughts on the best way to achieve this? If adding the messaging feature is too much, I’m very open to just using email as well, but how would you go about doing this?

This is their competitors’ site: 10x10 Trade Show Booth Rental | 10x10 Exhibit Booth Rentals
However as discussed above, we would have a rental system instead of doing it manually with a form.

Your time is greatly appreciated :smile:

I don’t see Webflow as a fit for your requirements. Features you are requesting don’t exist inside it. You can explore third party integrations and see if one might work for you but I would be inclined to look at a development environment that can be customized . Good luck on your project.

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Yes, any ideas on what third-party integrations I can use?

I don’t keep up on integrations since I rarely use them but here is the “official” integrations page for e-commerce. Integrations | Ecommerce | Webflow University

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