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Read more/less not working as desired

Have section with hidden text. On load the whole text shows. when
clicked hides. opposite of what I’m trying to do. so not understanding how to fix that.have switched the
click functions but doesn’t fix. And the strangest thing is everywhere I click
on the page the hide/show (read more/less) function happens which moves
everything on the page, creating overlaps. What I am doing wrong? Please

It will help a lot to see a link to your error, better yet a Webflow link.


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it looks like you built it sort of in reverse.
The way I would do it would be to use overflow:hidden on the container with the hidden text.
Also, your elements all move because you didn’t structure main items and side items separately

Have a look at this example:
Live link:

Hope that helps

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Followed your suggestions, now when clicked the entire page disappears. What is wrong?

Are there any easy to decipher instructions on doing a simple on click show and hide? No button just a simple text that does the function? one click to open one click to hide? without the entire page moving when clicking on the page?

Hi @Rose, thanks for your post. I am not sure I have a really easy answer for you, but I promise I will help to do my best to solve the design issues :slight_smile:

It seems the site has a lot of fixed widths, transforms and other settings on many elements. My suggestion is to first duplicate your site for test purposes, and then start removing the transforms you have set on your elements.

Take for example the Section pictured below. You have a long list of transforms applied to this one section. This is quite a few transforms for what appears to be a relatively straightforward two column site.

What are you trying to accomplish with the transforms, was it to position your content into columns?

I definitely want to help :slight_smile: lf you can check this, I will take a look further :smile:

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