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Show/hidden text

Hi could you help me here , i follow the instructions in tutorial but still not working how i imagine. Please check it out :

Sorry for post , im total newbie

I also face same issue, I did exact according to instructions, but feel that same issue which you have.

You’re both facing Common Issue #3 on Webflows’ forum :smile:

Add overflow:hidden to the div that shrinks, so, well, it hides the text while shrinking. Also don’t put ANY border, margin, padding to this div as it’s not part of the height and will end up with a little “snap” at the beginning and end of the animation. Nest another div inside of it and give it all margin padding and border property. So you have one div who gets the interaction, one div inside who gets margin, padding, border, if any, and the content inside it.

yeah , it´s working , thanks :slight_smile:

@vincent, Sorry to say that I still face some issue. check here on treatment page I use show/hide same I saw in video but now It have another problem, can you please help me over here.

@vincent I want this type of look and feel which have multiple show/hide as a question/answer area. can you please help me how I can do this.

which is? …

Hi @vincent, I did it it works fine check here:

Now Only thing I want is I want one hidden div show at a time as suppose I click on another question the first opened div should hide, So at one time only one hidden div should show, Right now multiple show at one time.

and second think the “+” icon you see I put on background of question, I want it to change when it opened, like at opened stage it will be “-” instead of “+”.

So can you help me for that.


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