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Interactions: Sections not closing and opening like they should

Dear all,

I’m picking up on the following post: Hidden Sections not working well which is deactivated.

My page has two sections you can close by pressing the “X” and reopen them both by clicking in “Advice Grid” at the navbar:

If I have only one section it goes smoothly on the close and opening but if I have two normally the text on the top one doesn’t follow the section and stays in front of the text of the bottom one. See by yourselfs:

Can you give a little help? Here’s thee share link:

Thank you.

You are making your text disappear by altering the size of its parent container. In order to have this to work, you have to give this containers the property overflow:hidden so that elements that goes outside of them are actually masked.

PS great screenshots with bending dashed arrows and labels! Makes it so easy to understand…

Thank you @vincent it worked.

It was great you used tapes to show what you described. Visual explanations and instructions are always better,


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