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Re-designed portfolio

Finished my portfolio yesterday. It follows the stye of the previous portfolio but now has a more darker theme to it, which goes along well with my personal branding. Also redesigned my logo a bit.

Build totally in Webflow. Might add som interactions later, but for now I’m good with this.


Hey @StevenP, looks really clean! Not sure if this was an attempt at humor, but in the hero section the word “educated” is misspelled :smile:

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@StevenP this is risky but you should consider leaving it as is, I’d totally take that for humor (:

Nope, guys! No humor here! Of course it was a misstake, so that’s been corrected now…:slight_smile:

Snyggt, bra jobbat @StevenP =D

Aa, men tack “jorn”! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like it , though I kept hoping your face would come into focus on the first page:)