"Rate limit hit" ZAPIER


I saw that some zaps are not triggering.
I check my zap and get this message :slight_smile:

“The app returned “Rate limit hit”. This usually happens because there is a limit to the number of times we can send information to an app or service within a period of time. Please wait for your limit to be reset and try again.”

What is this rate limit hit ?
How long do I have to wait ?

It’s stopping my business.

Best regards

Hello there @lemundibu

Check this section of the developers page:


Check also API Rate Limit inconsistency
Just to be prepared for the problems coming your way!

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Just make sure you wait 1- 1.2 seconds in between each request and it should work fine. This will give enough time for the limit to re fill itself in between requests.

I am not sure if Zapier can do this but this is the solution for most use cases.

If you do everything correctly and still get errors, don’t worry since the API rate limit can be very inconsistent. Don’t get frustrated with it like I did haha

For example, I have a CRON job running once every minute with about 13 interactions with API. So you would think 13/60 would be alright with the rate limit right? NO! hahahah . This is a report on Rate Limit errors using GCP

Nothing ever changed on the code and the scheduling of the job during that period of time, and look how the amount of errors is all over the place!