I have verified my domain on Google Search Console but the website is still not indexing on Google, why is this?

Hello everyone,

I recently verified my website on Google Search Console but for some reason, it is still not indexing. I cannot find any reason why it would not index.

Can anyone give me some pointers? Thank you in advance.

Just the basics-

  • submit your sitemap.xml
  • watch GSC for errors

Google takes its good sweet time indexing new sites which is fair enough given the volume of spam on the net, and the cost of indexing, policing, and storing.

Your best bet is to work on making it more relevant. Backlinks. Regular updates. A blog with regular new articles, etc. It works, but it’s an infinite game.

Typically for new client sites that need to go out of the gates with a bang, I launch adwords soon after the site launch. They’ll get 100% of their traffic from that for awhile, and then as SEO picks up, we can gradually reduce ad spend ( in theory ). In reality, we nearly always increase ad spend over the first 2 years, because their business grows fast and they need to keep feeding it with new clients.

Thanks Michael.

In the Search Console I received the following feedback:

Last crawl - Sep 22, 2023, 11:22:50 PM

Crawled as - Googlebot smartphone

Crawl allowed? Yes

Page fetch - Successful

Indexing allowed? Yes

However, it is also saying the issue is: Page is not indexed: Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user

My canonical domain is saved as the site domain so I am slightly confused.

Any further thoughts on this?

Sorry, I should have said the canonical url is the same as the default domain. Do I need to amend something to fix the Duplicate issue or is it just a case of waiting for the indexing to happen? I appreciate your help. I’m new to all of this. :slight_smile:

What’s your published site link?