Quick Stack Issue on Mobile

Hi Guys,

I’m sure I’m doing something silly here but am hoping one of you good people might be able to point out what.

In the below site you’ll see these grey boxes. I used the very handy new Quick Stack function to make it. I had everything set up and it was working great on mobile. This site has a few rows of those boxes so I copied the Quick Stack to the new section and just changed the text. On Mobile now it seems to call all the stacks are on top of each other.

I tried give the second stack a sub class, no joy. I gave all the cells different sub classes, no joy still.

This site has a lot of repetitive layouts so I’d love to be able and copy and paste the stacks and just amend them. Would anyone know of a way to do that doesn’t create the mobile issue I’m encountering?

Thanks a million in advance,


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Plantquest)
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Hi @billy.rooney, on Mobile portrait, make the height Auto for the class Quick Stack 10

Thank you so much Shane, thought it was something obvious and simple like that.

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i am running into size issues as well on mobile portrait and this tip helped me but now i have more an basic question: so this means that you cannot limit the height of the quick stack element? because when i try to put on an max height like 90vh and increase the breakpoint size all the elements in the quick stack grow and even grow »out of the box« → out of the limits of the quick stack…