Quick stack on mobile cuts sites

I dont understand why Quick stack reacts so weirdly. On small mobile sizes it just cuts the text, instead just putting the paragraph to a new line as responsive should do. Also on the mobile landscape the cell just does not want to go all the way out and is weirdly small.
Thanks for your help,


Can anyone help me with this? I really cant find a solution here.

Hey Martin, your two images have been offset to push them off-screen left and right, respectively. This blows out the size of your container, which affects everything else in the container, too.

In theory, the easy way to fix it would be to select the immediate container of your 2 images and set overflow: hidden.

However, I’ve just checked and in a quick stack element, cells do not give you that option.

I think for you here, quick stack is probably the wrong tool for this particular layout, and you should go with flex and grid instead.