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Quick question about type in CMS

So I slightly confused. When I enter text into the main post field in the CMS editor, I can select the type and choose between some choices such as bold or h1 through h6, which is fine. What I can’t understand is for regular body type where is it pulling the style from? It doesn’t seem to be either the paragraph style nor the text block style. I have adjusted both, but the changes are not reflected in preview mode.

Any help would be great.

@kbowman Assuming you’re using a rich text block (rtb) - use this link specifically under the advanced styling section to style individual elements of your rich text block after giving said rtb a class name. Another layer on top of this is that you’ll need to style the rtb on another page rather than on the CMS template page. I use a separate /styles page for this. Hope it helps.

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Thanks so much! I don’t know how I missed that within the Webflow University content. I’ll check it out. I am sure I am just forgetting to do something small. Thanks again!

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