Client Related Questions: Hosting and Selling

I have 2 client related questions …

  1. If I have a client who signs up for the CMS hosting but down the line wants to move the site to a platform like Wordpress and move hosting as well, how would that work? Whats are the pros/cons? Also, how difficult is it to import code from Webflow into Wordpress?

  2. How do I convince a client to spend almost $20/month on a website when they can easily get a Wordpress theme (paid or free) and less than $5/month hosting?

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  1. Im not sure, but I don’t think its hard. You can export all code from webflow. Except CMS data.

  2. By showing them the backend and making them a website that is not a crappy template. I also find webflow sites less buggy than wordpress templates.
    And they are paying for your services, not just the platform.

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If you’re targeting customers who WANT a FREE or paid Wordpress theme (or even a Webflow theme come to that) with your web design services then you’re targeting the wrong market.

Someone who is willing to pay for a designer wants much more than a theme. So re-work your business model to add much more value to their business.

If you’re truly targeting the theme market then you would re-sell themes you’ve created, to be competitive.


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