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Help with hreflang tags for multilingual site

Hi everybody,

I’m working on a multilingual site (English, German, French) and am in the process of figuring out hreflang tags etc and have come across a few things which confuse me.

(Also, I know that weglot is a thing - but I chose not to go with it, because I want more control over the content on individual pages.)

Confusion Point 1: folders

I’ve created folders for each language (EN, FR, DE), so the URLs of the published site will look like: (page title in German) (page title in French)

My trouble is: what about the homepage? Webflow automatically sets one page as the home page which can’t put it into a language specific folder. So how do I best go about this?

  • Duplicate the home page and put one version into the EN folder?
  • Delete the EN (english) folder and have all english pages not in a folder?

Confusion Point 2: hreflang tags

Does the option I go with change the way I need to set up hreflang tags?

For the home page, currently I’ve set up these two hreflang tags for the french and german version of the site:

< link href=“” hreflang=“fr” rel=“alternate” />
< link href=“” hreflang=“de” rel=“alternate” />

How do I go about listing the english version of the site with regards to confusion point 1?

  • If I go with the first option, do I need to use the “canonical” tag to tell Google how it should list the home page? If so, could you tell me, what exactly that would look like? If not - what else do I do?
  • If I go with the second option, what would the hreflang tags for all three pages look like?

Confusion Point 3: subdomains

Does the fact that I’ve set up folders for the specific languages mean that I don’t have to set up sub domains for the specific languages? If I do have to set up sub domains - how would that work?

Thank you guys!!! Your help is much appreciated.

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Hi, that’s a great question you’re asking !!!
I need the answer myself.

Should it be on the “before body” part or the “inside head” part?
I use this :
link rel=“alternate” hreflang=“fr” href=“

Hi there! You could set up a default link with your English content. In this way, you could use “x-default” attribute for specifying a page, that does not have any region or language associate with it. It could potentially be your English version content. For example,
link rel=“alternate” href=“” hreflang=“x-default”

If you are interested in more details about how to set up hreflang tag correctly, you may look at the post:

Hope it helps!

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