301 Redirect for Existing Blog Posts

Hey! I’m getting ready to launch my new website and want to make sure I understand the 301 redirects before switching everything and potentially hurting my current SEO.

Right now my website is on WordPress. My blog post URLs are formatted as: http://brentgalloway.me/2018-review

On Webflow, blog posts are: /blog/2018-review

How can I make sure the 301 redirects work correctly in this case?

Would I enter the Old Path as: /(.*)
And enter Redirect to Page as: /blog/%1

Or would this affect other pages like my existing /about, /contact, etc?

Appreciate any and all advice!

Maybe it’s also important to mention that I already have a domain hosted elsewhere? Does the redirecting need to happen there and not here on Webflow?

After some further research, I think the only solution for this scenario is to tediously redirect the full URLs of the old blog posts to the new /blog here on Webflow. :man_shrugging: