Question relative to margin or space

I just started with Webflow. Previously I was designing in Adobe Muse.

The introduction service for Webflow provided me with two free artboards to practice. On one artboard I have gone as far as creating the nav bar, insert images, insert div tags etc. On the second board I inserted a paragraph and now the paragraph or any div that I insert appears to have a margin on the left side.

Question: How do I remove the left side margin?

Thank you very much. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

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Your link does not work.

Webflow isn’t really meant for the novice user unfamiliar with html and css right off the bat. But it is a fantastic way to learn these principles by doing. Before you continue in Webflow, I strongly recommend building some test sites and following along with some tutorials over at

There are tons of things there to get you started, from full site builds to individual elements. This is a great place to start,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate your advice greatly. At this point I am quite aware that a knowledge of html and css is great when using Webflow but not necessarily. I have reviewed close to half of the 115 tutorials. I know there are more than that. However, my problem extends to something I did on my artboard that has caused my div tags, paragraph and nav bar to shift slightly to the right. What I need is to find a way to eliminate the 1/4 inch from the right so that the div tags, paragraph and nav bar can utilize the entire viewport. I will try to get you the link but in the meantime if you can give me an idea what might be causing the 1/4 shift to the right I will be so grateful. Thank you again for your articulated response.

They are all inheriting some class that you added margin or padding to. Try looking at the classes and seeing what they all have in common. We can’t really help you more than that without more information.