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Whole page seems to float back and forth

Hi, is there a way to keep my page from floating from side to side? It happens on every page and on every device. I would just like it to be “fixed” not floating when you swipe back and forth. Thanks so much.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @tmcal. So it looks like you’re using left and right margins a lot to give your design some space on both sides. This additional width is basically pushing your design outside the edges of the window and the browser is turning on horizontal scrolling so all the content can be reached.

I poked around your read-only site and managed to get it to stop scrolling. Here’s what I turned off/changed:

  • Remove the left and right margin from the body and change them back to Auto
  • Remove the 35px of left margin from “Navbar 2” and instead set it to 0px
  • Remove the 70px of right margin from “final nav container”

At this point your site should no longer be horizontally scrolling. From there, add 32px of padding to “Navbar 2” to align your logo and nav links back to the edges of your content.

So that should work, but one thing I’d recommend moving forward is instead of adding your 35px of margin to each individual section like you’ve done with “Div Block 4”, the navbar, and your footer, try making a new div named “centered-container” (or whatever you want), adding 35px of padding to just div, and putting all your site’s content inside of that. That way if you ever want to change the width of your site, you just have to edit that one “centered-container” style.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so, so, so, much!! Your very detailed instructions were exactly what I needed and helped me learn what to do going forward. I really appreciate you taking the time to help :smile:

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Absolutely! Glad they were helpful. There always seems to be a hundred ways to build a design, so it’s really just a matter of finding the most flexible and future-proof approach.