I want to "Meetup" with you!

I’m looking for several Meetups to go and speak at. Anyone here attend a local Meetup? If so, post the link of it here. I’d love to “geek out” about all things Web Design with you guys in person over coffee :coffee: or beer. :beers:

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Hi Nelson

If you fancy coming over to Berlin, I’d love to meetup :wink:

I’m actually thinking of organizing a small Webflow User Meetup here in Berlin. I’ve seen a couple of people in coworkings who were using Webflow. Any chance on statistics about Webflow users based in Berlin? :smile:

@kasperkazzual There are over 800 active Webflow users in Berlin alone - what a hip city! If you decide to hold a meetup, let us know and we can notify users in Berlin the link.

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Wow! Great idea! Any chance to know how many Portuguese users are listed in Webflow?
Let’s say, Lisbon… Unfortunately for what I see in the forums, we must be very few…

We have 2 Webflow Staff members and few Community Experts from Europe. Let us know if you’re going to organize any meetups in your cities/countries :) Maybe we’ll be able to say hello :)


@bart @brryant
Yeah, Berlin is awesome :wink: I’ll let you know!

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