Question about upgrading fees from Basic to CMS

I currently have the basic plan for one of my sites and would like to upgrade it to include CMS. How would I be charged? I was changed $144/yr($12/mo) for my current plan. When I clicked on “Add CMS” in the hosting plan page, my billing period remains 07/18–07/19(which was what I subscribed for when I signed up as basic). Would I be charged for another full-year subscription under CMS for $192, or would I be charged for the difference of the two? In the latter case, does that mean I would also be charged for the two months passed? Please help.


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I have the same question. Could anyone explain it? Thanks

I also have the same question. I’ve submitted a support question but I guess I’ll have to wait being based in a different timezone. There really should be something clearer about this in the support documentation.

Hi @MattBott,

To answer the question above, if for example you would pay for the Basic Hosting Plan you would be charged $15/month paid monthly or $12/month paid annually @ $144.

Therefore, if you were to upgrade at say month 8, you would just pay for the difference for the remaining year based on that CMS plan up-charge. So here is how it would work.

$144 paid for the year already for basic. The CMS plan is $192 a year. Take $192 / 12 and you get $16. for 5 months of basic is $12, so it would be a difference of $20 more for the remaining 5 months since you upgraded before month 8. If you did it while you were in month 8, it would be $16 + the difference of the remaining days in a 30 day billing cycle.

Hope that answers your question?

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