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Question about the pricing

Hello !

I want to upgrade my account from free to personal.
The question I have is that if I pay for the 20 dollar monthly plan, can I unsubscribe after ?
I can’t afford to pay every month and I only need it for this month right now.

Thank you in advance for your answer

Sofar i know you can just downgrade after a month back to the free plan.
Tho all the feature’rs of the personal plan will be lost if you downgrade.

Hi @MoinardColin, thanks for the post. Yes, you can go on the Personal monthly plan and upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you downgrade to the Free plan, your sites will be unpublished, and you will have access to Free plan features, as @Joscreative so kindly mentioned :slight_smile: I hope that helps, you can get more information on plan features at

Thanks for your answers !
I paid for a month right now !

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