Question about Shopify integration and site plan choice

Hey guys! I currently have a Shopify site for my business and I’m strongly considering giving things an upgrade with Webflow, particularly to have a more dynamic and customizable site. I heard Webflow can be integrated with Shopify. I was wondering, in order to do this, would I still need an e-commerce plan subscription for Webflow, or could a site plan subscription do the job, as the e-commerce part is taken care of by Shopify? Thanks!

@Schteiner welcome to the forum! If you get the $16 cms plan, you can easily integrate shopify. You might even be able to downgrade your shopify plan because the integration only uses the shopify buy buttons which are available on the $9 lite plan. That depends on whether you use any of the features of their higher tiers of course :slight_smile: . Here’s a link to the webflow university article that explains how to use shopify with webflow