Can I use e-commerce function on a basic plan?


I am looking through plans and a bit confused. Can I use the e-commerce functions on a basic plan (14$ p/m) or does it only work on CMS plan (19$) ?

It for a small shop, with around 4 products only


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On the pricing page, look for the ecommerce tab to see the ecommerce plans.
“Basic” and “CMS” are not ecom plans.

If you need a really simple low-cost ecom solution, look at foxy, ecwid, or even shopify buy buttons ( $9/mo ). They’ll all involve a bit more integration work but much lower monthly cost.

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Hi @Rogierthe .
Josh with Foxy here. Depending on your needs, our seamless Webflow integration may be a good fit:

Our integration works with any of Webflow’s plans and an Ecommerce plan is not needed. Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Basic plans usually focus on standard website functionalities. While they may offer the ability to display products, they might lack specific e-commerce features like a dedicated shopping cart, integrated payment gateways, or inventory management.
CMS (Content Management System) plans often include more advanced features, and some e-commerce capabilities might be available. Depending on the platform, the CMS plan may include basic e-commerce features suitable for a small shop with a limited number of products.