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Question about publishing to my own server

So I purchased the Light Designer package that stated I could publish to my own server.

I have been reading through all this Webflow stuff for a month to be sure it was the right choice.
Then when I try to setup hosting on my own server, it tells me I need to purchase a hosting plan?
Also only after purchasing the Light version did it state that Webflow branding will appear in the html code?

Please clarify for me that somehow I can publish to my own server without having to pay more for something that wasn’t clearly stated in the pricing information. Also please clarify that this won’t have some stupid blue box saying “MADE IN WEBFLOW” on the pages like the trial version.

Hi @Bweber

From what I can see on the pricing page, you can export the code as a zip file and do whatever you want with it (so you can host it on your own server) but you don’t have the white labeling option.

Yes, you can.

No, it won’t.